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Thank you for sharing your views on digital marketing skills development!

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We've designed the research to be quick to complete, but insightful, with a single page of questions.

If you complete the survey you will get a copy of the report recommendations and you will also be entered into a prize draw.

- 1st Prize = £100 Amazon voucher
- 3 runner up prizes of 2 x seminar vouchers for eCommerce Expo

The research will be published by Smart Insights, eCommerce Expo and TFM&A. The findings of the survey will also be shared through talks at eCommerce Expo, taking place 30 September – 1 October 2015 at Olympia, London.

About You

Which of these best describes your role? *

What are your aims for a future career path in digital marketing?

Which of these best describes your company's activity? *

Please choose one primary activity

How much does your business plan to invest in marketing services and media for 2015 (excluding salary)?

Please choose one range

What percentage of your role currently relates to digital marketing?

Please give the percentage of your personal "hands-on" or management of marketing activity which is digital marketing related. Exclude non marketing activities such as general management from the total.

Your email address *

We ask for your email address so we can send you the final report. We will only use your email for this purpose and won't pass it on to 3rd parties.

Please complete all 3 parts of the survey in order for your answers to be saved and to receive the free research report.

Your Digital Skills

Rate your personal digital marketing skills on a scale of 1-5. *

This is a long, complex question, but please bear with us since we're really interested in your mix of current and future skills and want to show the full range of skills potentially needed by digital marketers - so please rate your skills level for these different digital marketing techniques.

Please tick UP TO TWO BOXES for each row - first your current skill level on the left and then, if relevant, in the final column, whether you think you need to improve this skill.

Not applicable to my role 1 - No / Poor skills 2 - Basic skills 3 - Medium skilled 4 - Skilled 5 - Highly Skilled I'D LIKE TO IMPROVE THIS SKILL IN FUTURE
Affiliate marketing
Analytical skills for managing and reporting on stock levels
Community management
Content marketing
Customer service, support and assisted selling
Customer experience design, Personalisation and Merchandising
Coding and Development (e.g. Basic HTML, CSS, etc)
Customer Data, Marketing Insight and Analytics
Digital Strategy and integrated planning
Email Marketing, ECRM and maketing automation
Graphic design, e.g. InDesign, Photoshop (or similar) skills
Mobile marketing
Online advertising and Programmatic marketing
Pay per click / AdWords
Planning integrated, multichannel campaigns
Social Media marketing
PR and influencer outreach
Budgeting and Financial modelling skills

How do you prefer to gain new skills and keep them up-to-date?

Please rate the effectiveness of these methods of a scale of 1-5

1 - Low Effectiveness 2 - Moderate Effectiveness 3 - Somewhat Effective 4 - Effective 5 - Highly Effective Not Applicable
Attending free events and conferences
Attending paid events and conferences
Attend paid short-term courses
Subscription to fee-based online learning resources, E.g. Smart Insights, Econsultancy, Marketing Profs
Take paid qualifications
Googling to answer questions - on demand learning
Using Digital Marketing blogs and news sites

Digital Skills in your organisation

Rate the support of your company for digital marketing skills development

Please rate, on a scale of 1 to 5, based on whether you agree with the statement: "My company takes the development of my digital skills seriously by assessing my current competency, development needs and investing appropriately in training and learning"

Assess the digital skills across your marketing team

Please select the answer which fits best

How easy is it to recruit people with the right digital skills based on the experience of your organisation?

Rate the availability of time and budget in your organisation for each type of learning
Very poor - no support at all Poor support - not sufficient Average - about right Good support - more than adequate Excellent Support - Couldn't be better
Attending free events and conferences
Attending paid events and conferences
Attend paid short-term courses
Subscription to fee-based online learning resources, E.g. Smart Insights, Econsultancy, Marketing Profs
Take paid qualifications
Googling - on demand learning
Using digital marketing blogs and news sites

What, in your personal view, is the best way to improve the effectiveness of digital marketing within your organisation? *

Nearly there... Based on your experience, tick up to FIVE techniques that you believe to be the MOST effective methods of improving digital marketing skills and performance in an organisation. The final question will compare this to your current organisation.

Which of the techniques in the previous question ARE used in your organisation? *

Finally, tick as many techniques as apply which are used in your business to improving digital marketing skills and performance.

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